Weeks Sept. 25 – Oct. 13

Sensory integration breakthrough! Usually Bodi has a strong aversion to touching sticky, messy things but was finally willing to try mixing dough by hand. He loved it!

Sewing on an airplane.

This is the first time Bodi has shown any interest in a colouring book.

Inspecting culverts

Processing apples for apple cake

Poking holes in conkers

Threading conkers to make a dragon

Conker dragon pull toy

Windy autumn day kite-flying

Washrag folding like a pro

Finding stars within the apple core


Weeks Sept. 11-22

Puddle splashing

We went on a walk to collect autumn treasures.

Playing with acorn and walnut shell boats

We made a mobile with some of the autumn treasures.

Bodi’s first wet-on-wet watercolour painting. Just yellow!

Checking out the insides of the piano

Happy with his new set of math cards

Happy birthday, Bodi!

Cake gazing

Week Sept. 4-8

A chickadee came into our house for a visit.

Bodi’s first finger knitting! He made this rainbow rope with my help.

Putting cukes into the crock

Mixing the brine, it’s pickle time!

Making sourdough

Modelling clay

Shelter from the rain – Juan de Fuca

An almost-six-year-old in an Ergo!

How you make smores during a fire ban…

Slugs feasting

Mystic Beach, Juan de Fuca

Writing sample

Happy Summer!

We’ll be signing off the blog for the summer now, as the school year comes to an end. Stay tuned for more in September!

We leave you with Bodi playing his version of Ravel’s Bolero.

Week May 22-26

We spent most of the week on beautiful Mayne Island; getting our fill of wildlife, sun and fresh air.

Lifting rocks to find tiny crabs


Sea glass cache

Japanese garden

ringing the bell