Arizona visit

He lost his third tooth while munching watermelon.


Weeks Jan. 29 – Feb. 16

Watching utility workers do work on the power lines. Very exciting!

A craft project we did together – early spring wreath. The thing in the middle is a felt snowdrop flower.

Writing in Spanish

We found an owl pellet on one of our nature walks.


“Flying Wild Eyes”

Oregon grape

Steller’s jay

Week Nov. 27 – Dec. 1

Bodi’s brother’s birthday isn’t until March but he decided to make him this birthday card.

Exploring deer paths

Taking down our autumn decorations

Bodi made a map of all the light switches in his grandparents’ house.



Admiring our homemade Advent calendar

Weeks Oct. 30 – Nov. 10

“Nibble, nibble, gnaw, who is nibbling at my little house?”

The universe and a little black cat

The universe and a wizard

Building a network of boards to balance on

He translated the song “Sakura” into his “special French”

First successful domino rally done all by himself


First successful marble run built all by himself

Playing with clay

Clay cow his dad made

We tried to go on a group lantern walk, but right after I took this photo, Bodi noticed a dog in the crowd and started screaming. So we had to leave.

I wanted to capture just how profound Bodi’s obsession with telephone poles is, so I made this five-minute tour of his sketchbook.