Bodi is a brilliant, sweet, amazing kid who doesn’t go to school.

To explain a bit about what you see on this blog…

Since receiving a few comments from family and friends, I realize that, due to Bodi’s advanced level in reading, writing, math and music, some people have the impression that I’m doing a lot of hard work teaching him all of these things. Just to be clear – this is all completely his doing!

I subscribe to the belief that young children shouldn’t have anything to do with academics. If I had my way he would be spending all of his time running around outside getting dirty, playing with toys and immersed in imaginative play. When he was younger I tried to gently steer him away from teaching himself to read, from obsessively studying numbers and music notation. Since then I have learned to not get in the way of his passion for these things – they are part of who he is.

So when you look at the photos here you see two things: 1) Bodi doing his favourite activities (reading, writing, math and music) on his own with no encouragement from me and 2) me trying to balance out all his cerebral stuff with time in nature and the outdoors, time with friends and arts/crafts.